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Whidbey Marketing Maven, founded by Vera Ambuehl, is a full-service Advertising Agency utilizing the latest marketing methods to help small business owners.

Vera is an Online Media Strategist, author and publisher who is passionately committed to helping professionals grow their practices. Her specialization is Content Marketing, with a focus on building both Online and Offline Authority for her clients.

She accomplished this by starting with a viable client specific strategy, then creating premium quality content that educates, engages, and maintains the interest of readers. This level of media exposure is sometimes referred to as "Celebrity", or "Personality" Marketing.

If you are a professional with the desire to quickly become positioned for your expertise, she can help you attain the online and mobile presence you need and deserve . . . in order to attract new clients of the calibre you desire.

You can benefit, like her past and current clients, who know her for her determination to seek out and accurately articulate their uniqueness and Point-of View through ghostwriting books and all manner of premium marketing content . . . written in their voice and personality.

She is trusted to provide these services without using hype or revealing her involvement in the process and ensures this process will require the least possible amount of your time and other resources - though listening to you and taking sufficinet time to get to know you is a necessity.

Because of her background as co-owner of a professional computer consulting firm, Vera empathizes with their  frustration in trying to keep up with the myriad of changes taking place that affect how they market their products and services.

Easing that burden is her mission.

She highly encourages every professional to differentiate themselves by becoming an author, and offers a service to help fulfill that goal. This is a key factor in building a lasting authority reputation. She also considers their being published in industry magazines an important step and helps with that process, as well.

Vera began her career in the marketing industry in 2005, and has real-life experience in the beauty industry, the accounting field, real estate, and the eldercare niche. 

Her third marketing related book, How Local Business Owners Can Stop Paying Laggards Tax, an Overview of Digital Marketing is scheduled for publication in April.


learn digital marketing

 She wrote this fact-filled, 'non-salesy' book to benefit:

  • Business owners for whom the words "digital marketing" have little clear meaning, except that "it has to do with computers".
  • Anyone who has plans to start an entrepreneurial venture.
  • All business owners who understand they need help with digital marketing, but haven't been made aware of the existence of the industry created to help them.

Vera is proud to fulfill the role of educator and advocate for the success of all businesses. She recognizes the challenges and obstructions inherent in operating a business during these challenging economic times.

Working with Vera and her team of service providers starts with just a simple (complimentary) conversation. She is available for consultation, interviews, workshops, and presentations for businesses in the pacific northwest. 

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Vera Ambuehl, Online Media Strategist

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